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By Light We Loom is a duo that sounds much bigger. Shanna Delaney and Eric Ling emerge from the acoustic rock band Bethesda to create By Light We Loom. The results so far are fantastic as they released The Ignition EP earlier in 2015 and now Caught in the Tide in early 2016.

You can see them and pick up a copy of the new EP at The Beachland on January 9,2016. They'll be sharing the stage with These Knees and Joshua Jesty.


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Mike Poik has a new CD out entitled Baselessly Arrogant and he's releasing it on Friday December 4th at the Agora. He joined the Scene Podcast to talk about his new disc, Cleveland, and the comedy scene's development since he started. 

Mike's show on Friday December 4th at the Agora


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Jason Patrick Meyers and Eric Simna join the podcast to talk about Blizzard Bash 2015 at the Happy Dog West. In addition, they talk about some of the best Cleveland music of 2015, what not to do when being a guest on the radio, and some of the best performers to ever play the Blizzard Bash over the years.

Information about NEO Rocks

Blizzard Bash 2015 at the Happy Dog West on November 28 - Tickets $5


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Tim Bando has had Grove Hill open in Chagrin Falls for over a year now, but his roots in the Cleveland dining scene go much much deeper. Tim sat down with Doug Trattner and Craig Lyndall to discuss his past stops and also what it's been like to open his latest restaurant in the former Raintree location.

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On this episode of Two Girls With Glasses, Brandi McElhatten and Nikki Delamotte talk with Cleveland ex-pat comedian Jim Tews (@JimTews). Locals may remember Tews as one of the original organizers of the popular comedy showChucklefck which has since morphed into the Accidental Comedy Show run by Ramon Rivas. He’s since moved to New York City and has gone on to work at MTV, made an appearance on Louie and Last Comic Standing, and now regularly performs around New York, both as a stand-up comic and vocalist of Weezer tribute band, The Undone Sweaters.


Tews is preparing to release his book, Felines of New York (, a parody of the popular Humans of New York Facebook page, on November 24. First started as a Facebook page (, Tews began posting the captioned photos earlier this year and has already amassed more than 10 thousand followers. He calls in from New York with his two cats, Bea and Arthur, to talk about putting it together.


On November 22 in Brooklyn, Tews will be hosting a book launch party at Littlefield with a handful of comedians including Cleveland’s own Mike Polk and Todd Hanson, writer for The Onion. He'll also have a veterinarian on hand answering any cat-related questions the audience may have. 

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Beach Slang have a new album called The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us, and we were able to catch up with James Alex Snyder from the band to discuss it. We talked about what it's like to write deeply personal songs and still have fun engaging live shows. We discussed the band's recent tour with The Hotelier and Rozwell Kid that passed through Cleveland in August at Now That's Class. We discussed the modern music world with Youtube and Spotify changing the face of the music business and the band's favorite restaurant stop in Cleveland, Melt.

Here are all the relevant links.

Beach Slang - The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us (Polyvinyl)

Beach Slang NPR Tiny Desk Concert

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Steph Trivison from These Knees stopped by to talk about her band's new EP The Night Fires as well as their CD release show on November 21st at the Grog Shop. We talked about the local music scene, how cool it is to play at the Grog Shop, trying to make money on Spotify and what it's like to play music in a post-"lottery ticket" musical landscape. Finally we talked about the band's Patreon campaign revolving around recording music videos from Steph's shower with other local musicians.

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Bill Burr is coming to Cleveland on October 23 2015 to play two shows at the State Theater. You know Bill Burr from numerous appearances on television from his role on Breaking Bad to appearances with David Lettermand, Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon. You've probably seen his comedy specials prominently displayed on Netflix as well.

To get tickets to his shows in Cleveland visit or Bill's website

Bill was gracious enough to spend time talking about how he tries to actually do things in the towns he visits while on tour. He discusses his views on creativity and what it's like to create a podcast every week. Lastly Bill discusses fame and how he likes being a background guy.

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Doug Trattner is back for an update on all the Cleveland dining scene news for Autumn 2015. Here are the particulars.

  • Mabel's Barbecue
  • Banter on Detroit Shoreway
  • Arcadian on Detroit Shoreway
  • Citizen Pie as a wood-fired pizza place
  • Chow Chow Kitchen in Lakewood
  • Bad Yelp reviews
  • Dante Boccuzzi's new place in Tremont called Coda
  • The maturity of the Tremont market
  • Restaurant owners are getting smarter
  • Cleveland dining on the National stage
  • Michael Symon's 5 in 5 with Doug Trattner
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Annie Zaleski (Salon, AVClub) joins Craig Lyndall on the Cleveland Scene podcast to discuss music, namely Ryan Adams' cover of Taylor Swift's 1989. Here's what else they discussed.

  • Ryan Adams is a really prolific artist
  • Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan as a Pumpkins record
  • Ryan Adams' take on Taylor Swift's 1989
  • Waiting for the other shoe to drop with Adams' 1989 being a marketing ploy
  • Is praising Adams' take on the album like taking a shot at Taylor Swift
  • Adams' indictment of his own record Rock N' Roll
  • Shut Up and Dance is an awful song
  • Annie's Salon article Shut Up and Sing
  • REM hated Donald Trump using "It's the End of the World As We Know It"
  • Remembering the Vote for Change Tour
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