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Aaron Sechrist goes by the name OK Pants. He's done Scene covers and a whole host of other local projects. Aaron is also an entrepreneur who created his own career. He's emceeing Weapons of Mass Creation 7 in Cleveland in August and we talked about that convention, its goals and what it can do for a disparate community of designers.

We also talked about sports, music, social media and everything else we could think of as the conversation developed.

For more information about Weapons of Mass Creation 7, check out their website.

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Shawn and Shelby have a new album called Stay With Me Lover that they are promoting. Their release show is Saturday May 14 at the Beachland and we had a chance to sit down and discuss the show and the new album.

Additionally, we finished the podcast by playing the title track of the new album, Stay with Me Lover.


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Mike Polk Jr. has his new album coming out on iTunes. As a result we were able to get him to come sit down and talk about a bunch of things like Cleveland sports, dealing with negativity and his career in and around Cleveland.

You can find all the info about what Mike's doing at his website.

You can buy his latest album on iTunes.

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Scott Raab joined the Scene Podcast to discuss ESPN's latest 30 for 30, Believeland. The show debuts May 14th on ESPN and will try and shed some light on the nature of Cleveland sports fans to the rest of the world. 


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On this episode of Two Girls With Glasses, Brandi McElhatten and Nikki Delamotte talk to illustrator Erin Schechtman of Super Group Hugs and photographer Laura Wimbels of Faces of CLE. They begin by recapping the cosplay, characters and celebrity sightings at this year’s Wizard World convention.

Erin Schechtman talks about the evolution of Super Group Hugs, her art series where everyone from Doctor Who to Sailor Moon get up close and personal. Since its humble beginnings as an idea sparked for her table at Free Comic Book Day at Carol and John’s Comic Book Store, Schechtman has been traveling to conventions and art shows across the country. She also gives us a little insight into working alongside the Rust Belt Monster Collective art team, whose collaborative murals have been seen at events across Cleveland.

Laura Wimbels has been documenting people in the city through her portrait project Faces of CLE. She tells us about how it started with calling up a few people and asking to snap their picture. It's snowballed into what she hopes to one day turn into a coffee table book. Wimbels is also a talented, emerging storyteller and recounts her experiences performing at Happy Dog’s Keep Talking event and as part of The Moth podcast in Pittsburgh.

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The Modern Electric had a big 2015 with the release of their album Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. They joined the podcast to talk about their album, the Cleveland music scene and becoming filmmakers who can make all their own videos just by deciding to do it themselves and learning how.

The Modern Electric is playing at The Beachland on March 5th with Jivviden and Cities and Coasts.


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Shawn Brewster is a fixture in the Cleveland music scene with his various bands and projects. We discuss his band Oldboy, his latest venture Shawn and Shelby and a lot more. We discuss songwriting, the Cleveland music scene and some mistakes not to make in your career.

Check out Oldboy here.

Check out Shawn and Shelby here.

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Jim Stewart is one of the most influential producers in Cleveland's music scene. We caught up with him in his brand new recording space to discuss his past work, how he goes about his day-to-day existence and what to look out for in the future. We also discussed the Cleveland music scene, how it's gotten to where it is and why Cleveland hasn't had its own "Aerosmith" band so to speak.

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Chayla Hope of Seafair joined the podcast, or rather we barged into her house and recorded in her kitchen. We discussed the phenomenal year in Cleveland music including Seafair's stellar contribtion, The Querencia. We also talked about the business of being a local musician and what's on tap for the future for the band.

Thanks to Chayla and for all the latest goings on with Seafair, check out the band's website.

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Annie Zaleski joined Craig Lyndall to discuss the passing of David Bowie as well as the newest inductees to the Rock Hall. They discussed Chicago and their overwhelming (sketchy) win in the fan vote online. They discussed Cheap Trick, NWA, and those left out like Nine Inch Nails, The Smiths, and Janet Jackson

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